Sunday, October 11, 2009

Swine Flu – Fact And Fiction

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The Swine Flu. A lot of the time, it sounds like the Bubonic Plague of the 21st Century. There are reports almost every day in the newspapers, on the radio and TV, about people getting the Swine Flu, some dying, and how the Swine Flu vaccine had to be rushed through development to save the world.
In light of these reports, it might sound logical to make getting vaccinated with the Swine Flu vaccine mandatory. At least for doctors, nurses, paramedics, police and firemen. Or, since we wouldn't want all humanity dead, and the world turned over to ants and cockroaches, why not just make everyone take the Swine Flu shot?
Well, a lot of people do not want, or trust, the Swine Flu shot. And they're not morons, retards, crazies, or anything like that. In fact, a lot of doctors throughout the world have studied the Swine Flu shot, and its side effects, and raised enough alarms to make themselves and others feel fully justified in avoiding this shot. Information from major authorities shows that the Swine Flu is no more than any annual flu. Some get it and fully recover, while some get major illness or die. But, this happens with any flu.
I'm not saying that you should never get a Swine Flu shot, or any other shot. However, if you choose not to do so, that should be and remain your right.
There are reports that four states have so far made it mandatory, with major criminal penalties, that all state residents take the Swine Flu vaccine. These criminal penalties include having their homes invaded by police authorities, having their children seized by the state, and their being imprisoned with $1000 a day fines if they refuse to be vaccinated.
A major report, compiled by Dr. Gary Null of New York, and footnoted with highly credible sources from throughout the world, including top-of-the-line doctors and highly-rated government agencies, indicates that the Swine Flu, and reports about its infection rate and fatalities, as well as the safety of the vaccine, are questionable at best.
I urge you to read this report. Then, send a fax to your governor, as well as to President Obama. And do this every day. There are indications that federal officials ignore emails, or give them far less credence.
Tell them that no vaccine should be made mandatory, and backed with any penalties, criminal, civil, or whatever. Let anyone who wants to choose to be vaccinated, but the U.S. should never adapt draconian measures for those who do not.
Please help this article to go viral. Not for my sake, but for the sake of freedom of choice throughout the U.S., and the world. Tweet and retweet it on Twitter, and tell everyone you know, everywhere you can.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Natural Cosmetics

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What with the skin being the largest organ in the body, and that items rubbed into the skin can enter the bloodstream within minutes, its obvious that you want to be as careful with skin and body care products as you are with food.
As you study ingredients in toothpaste, facial and body creams, hair care items, etc., you start to want safer and more natural products. When you learn about the toxicity of ingredients like Ammonium Hydroxide and Glyceryl Stearate, and hear about formaldehyde in hair creams, you probably start to feel edgy, and more prone to turn to natural and organic products.
One thing to be aware of is: Just because it's in a “healthfood” store doesn't mean that it's either natural or organic. You can be reasonably sure if you see the USDA Organic label, or if the label says Organic. No matter what, though, you want to keep up the habit of reading labels and studying ingredienets.
Organic and natural products do cost a bit more, even if you do want to improve your health and extend your life. There are ways you can treat yourself almost like royalty without breaking your personal bank.
Start with Aloe Vera gel. I can get a 32 ounce bottle of Lily of the Desert brand for under $10. I use this instead of shaving cream or gel. A dab or two about the size of a U.S. nickel is enough to shave my face. I mix it with Aubrey's suntan lotion as a skin cream. I also mix aloe vera gel with castor oil as a hair gel. A lady barber was so in love with my hair, they'd be married if it could live a life of its own!
If you're pressed for time after shaving, you can get by with little to nothing applied to your skin afterwards. Most times, I rinse with cider vinegar to clean off my jawline, then add something to soothe the skin. Lately I've started using Shea Butter mixed with aloe gel. NOW foods sells it, and I've seen other brands. I even mix it in with aloe for my hair. The shea butter is a really great nutrient for hair and skin. Does quite well healing my razor nicks, too.
Now that you've cornered your personal cosmetics market, you can splurge on other things. Like, maybe have dinner in a natural or organic restaurant.
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Natural Health Products: Money-Saving Brands

Copyright 2009 by Frank Starr All Rights Reserved

In living a healthier lifestyle, one of your first choices should be organic food. Next, you may want to start buying supplements and personal care products which are as organic or natural as possible.
One of the best brands I've found for supplements and personal care items has been NOW. You can go to their web site at: to see what they offer, and to find a store near you. NOW doesn't provide for mailorder at this time. They do offer a large variety of individual vitamins and minerals, essential oils, toothpaste, etc.
Another brand for personal care products is Aubrey Organics. They're headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and they do provide mailorder through their web site at: Aubrey Organics sells hair care, makeup, pet care and household cleaning products, among others.
Besides having a wide variety of products, a major good thing about these brands is that they are quite inexpensive. I am into natural care in a major way, and I've been able to get the largest amount and variety by turning first to both of these brands.
Now, you can pay a good amount for even these products. Some stores have a bigger markup than others. You'll want to shop around to find your best discount store offering these products. In a lot of cases, Aubrey Organics' online prices may well rival the best you can get at a store.
My most favorite natural health store sells at deep discount. So much so that they undercut other stores by 25% to 50%. Their discounts are so low that credit cards that offer reward points for shopping won't do so for this store, because their prices are so low.
So, ask questions of friends, even customers in other stores. Check around online. There are bargains to be had for the smart shopper, and now you know two good brands for saving money. The prices rival those for less natural products, so you can maximize your health while stretching your budget dollars.

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